Senior Fall Prevention

Falling is the leading injury in seniors.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “one in three elderly people will fall this year, and less than half of…

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The Skinny on Sugar

The idea that sugar is addictive is not just a popular expression, it is actually biologically addictive, just like a narcotic. When you eat sugar, the ‘feel good’ receptors in…

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Dementia and Dining Out
seniors happily dining out

Dementia and Dining Out

Proper preparation is the key to dining out with your loved ones who have a dementia diagnosis. Just because their mental state is compromised does not mean they wouldn’t enjoy…

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Energy for Longevity

Among many things, your energy levels naturally decrease as you age. But the slide can be stalled. It is a matter of doing a few small things to prevent your…

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Caring for Those with PBA

If someone you love has PBA (PseudoBulbar Affect), you may have trouble finding information about the condition, and even more trouble finding information on how to be a good caretaker…

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