Offered by our Caregivers

At ElderCare 4 Families we are a family owned organization committed to providing the best in home care services possible. We offer an array of elder services dedicated to prolonging your loved ones independence. Our professional and committed caregivers are great at offering emotional support through socialization and aiding our elderly with a variety of tasks such as:

Companionship     Hygiene and Personal Care      MedicationReminders 

Fall Prevention     Safety Checks and Measures     Mobility Assistance

Assist with Exercise     Shopping and Errands     Light Housekeeping

Pet care     Meal Planning and Preparation     Transportation     

Alzheimer and Dementia Care

ElderCare 4 Families caregivers are trained to understand and care for alzheimer and dementia clients. We provide an individualized plan of care with strategies and techniques to establish a comfortable routine including socialization and activities. This allows us to use redirecting techniques when needed, find ways to avoid or reduce tension in anxious situations and keep a client busy when appropriate. We often work with clients experiencing sundowning symptoms and sleep disruptions that may lead to pacing at night. We ensure client safety while promoting as much independence as possible. 

Specialized Care

Our staff trains caregivers on disease specific issues and there is a plan of care in the home that is specific to the care and needs and best practices for the individual client. Heart disease may require daily weighing to monitor fluid retention or rehab patients may need encouragement for regular walks or exercises. Individualized, personalized, up-to-date care is one of the many things that sets ElderCare 4 Families apart from the competition. 

Respite Care

Our respite care offers you the opportunity to reduce your stress, restore your energy and just get a little “me time” to take care of yourself. It’s important you take care of your mental and physical health if you are the primary caregiver. You need to monitor your health by attending your appointments and exercising regularly while being able to maintain relationships with friends and family members. Every caregiver needs a break from time to time whether they’re a family member or one of our caregivers. Whether you use our services to shop, socialize or work, we are there to care for your loved while you take care of yourself. 

One-on-one care in facilities

Often clients who live in facilities need and desire more individual care than a facility is equipped to offer. We are happy to work with any facility to ensure that their resident, our client, receives the best possible one-on-one care in the area. We monitor and support clients by helping with regular outings to their salon or church or taking out exercising or to a water fitness class. We can monitor wandering problems, offer companionship and provide all around support.

Hospice Care

ElderCare 4 Families caregivers work with hospice to provide loved ones with care and comfort. Many times people find peace in being at home and may need 24/7 care. At times family covers portions of the days or nights while our caregivers cover the remaining hours. We assist with daily care, companionship and household tasks to ensure the client is as comfortable as possible.


Senior Advocate Concierge Service

Do you find yourself constantly “working” for your loved one when you would rather by talking and connecting with them? Our Senior Advocate Concierge Service can help you! We can schedule and accompany them to appointments, assist with bill pay, shop, supervise home maintenance, maintain a calendar of events, run errands and much more. Let us work as a surrogate daughter for your family so you can spend your time sharing stories about the day or reminiscing about old times. Our service gives you more time for you and more social time with your loved ones.