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Even after 38 years, our mission is still simple…

We want every family to receive the same personalized care we would want for our own parents and loved ones. Every client receives a unique, customized plan of care designed to prolong their independence. We focus on the little things so our caregivers can earn the level of trust usually only given to family members. If you’re looking for a local home care company with over 38 years of caring, choose ElderCare 4 Families. Rita and Jeff Pate, along with their dedicated staff, have provided extraordinary home care to thousands of people for over three decades. This professional care is offered in a retirement or nursing home, an assisted living facility, hospital, or in a client’s own home. Wherever care is given, our caregivers become an extension of your family!


Owner, Rita Pate

Rita Pate



Jeff Pate


Caregivers Near You!

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Caregivers, CNAs Wanted

Full Time, Part Time, PRN
Open Interview at these locations:
Kentuckiana Works Career Center
746 S 5th Street
Louisville KY 40203
3/13/19  9a-12p
4/10/19  9a-12p
South Central Library
7300 Jefferson Blvd
Louisville, KY 40219
3/22/19   9a-12p
4/16/19   9a-12p
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Bridget J Wempe

Director of Operations

17 years of service


Clara Bowman

Director Business Development

2 years of service


Susie Heim

Sales Manager

3 years of service

Elder Care Caregiver in Louisville 

Gus Cunningham

Senior Advocate

3 years of service


Donna McCracken

Care Coordinator

18 years of service

Care giver Jobs in Louisville specialist 

Ashley Bishop

Care Coordinator

10 years of service



Anita High

Care Coordinator

4 years of service

Man Avatar 

Brianna Marshall

On Call Care Coordinator

1+ year of service

Emily StephesonEmily Stephenson 

Administrative Assistant

1 year of service

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Hygiene and Personal Care


Medication Reminders


Fall Prevention


Safety checks and measures


Mobility Assistance


Assist with Exercise


Shopping and Errands


Light Housekeeping


Pet Care


Meal Planning & Preparation




Alzheimer and Dementia Care

ElderCare 4 Families caregivers are trained to understand and care for alzheimer and dementia clients. We provide an individualized plan of care with strategies and techniques to establish a comfortable routine including socialization and activities. This allows us to use redirecting techniques when needed, find ways to avoid or reduce tension in anxious situations and keep a client busy when appropriate. We often work with clients experiencing sundowning symptoms and sleep disruptions that may lead to pacing at night. We ensure client safety while promoting as much independence as possible. 

Specialized Care

Our staff trains caregivers on disease specific issues and there is a plan of care in the home that is specific to the care and needs and best practices for the individual client. Heart disease may require daily weighing to monitor fluid retention or rehab patients may need encouragement for regular walks or exercises. Individualized, personalized, up-to-date care is one of the many things that sets ElderCare 4 Families apart from the competition. 

Respite Care

Our respite care offers you the opportunity to reduce your stress, restore your energy and just get a little “me time” to take care of yourself. It’s important you take care of your mental and physical health if you are the primary caregiver. You need to monitor your health by attending your appointments and exercising regularly while being able to maintain relationships with friends and family members. Every caregiver needs a break from time to time whether they’re a family member or one of our caregivers. Whether you use our services to shop, socialize or work, we are there to care for your loved while you take care of yourself. 

One-on-one care in facilities

Often clients who live in facilities need and desire more individual care than a facility is equipped to offer. We are happy to work with any facility to ensure that their resident, our client, receives the best possible one-on-one care in the area. We monitor and support clients by helping with regular outings to their salon or church or taking out exercising or to a water fitness class. We can monitor wandering problems, offer companionship and provide all around support.

Hospice Care

ElderCare 4 Families caregivers work with hospice to provide loved ones with care and comfort. Many times people find peace in being at home and may need 24/7 care. At times family covers portions of the days or nights while our caregivers cover the remaining hours. We assist with daily care, companionship and household tasks to ensure the client is as comfortable as possible.

Senior Advocate Concierge Service

Do you find yourself constantly “working” for your loved one when you would rather by talking and connecting with them? Our Senior Advocate Concierge Service can help you! We can schedule and accompany them to appointments, assist with bill pay, shop, supervise home maintenance, maintain a calendar of events, run errands and much more. Let us work as a surrogate daughter for your family so you can spend your time sharing stories about the day or reminiscing about old times. Our service gives you more time for you and more social time with your loved ones.

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We stand out – we are different – we hire the best – we care the most!

How are we Different?

Educate yourself to understand the differences in home care companies and private caregivers and you will see that ElderCare 4 Families is THE solution in home care!

1. We are locally owned and operated in the Kentuckiana area for over 38 years. Our experience and track record is unmatched. We understand what is needed to provide the best care for families and their loved ones!

2. Our Safe4Hire process means we scrutinize every hiring decision and pick only the best of the best employees. We go above and beyond the competion by requiring criminal background checks and drug tests every year, not just prior to hire. We provide the best care because we have some of the best caregivers in the area. We are continuously monitoring our caregivers and updating our plans of care to ensure you get the care you deserve.

3. We include at least 4 quarterly visits by our Senior Advocate at no charge to every family using our caregiver services. These visits allow us to monitor our caregivers and update the plan of care so you are receiving the care you expect. Also, this allows us to be proactive in making safety suggestions and recommendation to keep you at home safely.

4. We provide premium service. Our caregivers are required to clock in and out by calling from your phone. This guarantees their arrival and ensures your bill is accurate. Our staff is on call 24/7 to ensure you always reach someone that knows you and your family. Our caregivers are matched by skill set, personality and services requested. Getting started is a breeze with ElderCare 4 Families. Call us anytime for your free assessment – we schedule your assessment to fit your needs and availability!


Featured Testimonials

Answer to my prayers: ElderCare 4 Families has been the answer to my prayers for my parents. – Pam U., clients’ daughter

Extension of my family: “I am so lucky to have an extension of my family with ElderCare 4 Families.” – Laurie S, Client

Together at Home: “I called ElderCare when my family advised me to put my wife in a nursing home. It was the best thing I ever did. They sent me wonderful caregivers who fixed some meals, helped my wife take a bath, and took us to doctors appointments so I wouldn’t have to bother my children. Without ElderCare, my wife and I would have been separated.” When this man’s wife passed away, Rita Pate, owner, visited him at the funeral home. When he saw her enter the room, he stopped his conversation, hugged Rita and introduced her to everyone “This is the woman that allowed me and the love of my life to stay together until our very last day.– Robert C., Client’s husband

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Extension of my family: “I am so lucky to have an extension of my family with ElderCare 4 Families.” – Laurie S, Client

Together at Home: “I called ElderCare when my family advised me to put my wife in a nursing home. It was the best thing I ever did. They sent me wonderful caregivers who fixed some meals, helped my wife take a bath, and took us to doctor’s appointments so I wouldn’t have to bother my children. Without ElderCare, my wife and I would have been separated.” When this man’s wife passed away, Rita Pate, owner, visited him at the funeral home. When he saw her enter the room, he stopped his conversation, hugged Rita and introduced her to everyone “This is the woman that allowed me and the love of my life to stay together until our very last day.– Robert C., Client’s husband

Mother especially looked forward to the visits: My wife and I thank you and your staff for the high level of care you provided to Mother over the past several months. You certainly made my life less hectic, and allowed me to be away from home for short periods of time without worrying. Mother especially looked forward to the visits from “her caregiver”. She took excellent care of Mother’s personal needs, but she also read to her, did her nails and many other things that were over and above what was really expected. – Gerald S, Client’s husband

I like the reliability of the services: as a registered nurse and a medical case manager I have had the opportunity to work with Rita Pate and ElderCare 4 Families on several occasions. We have collaborated on providing care for some of our elder care clients. Our clients can vary in their needs for home care assistance.  ElderCare 4 Families has been able to staff around the clock in-home care. Due to the thorough assessments and diligent staffing from ElderCare 4 Families, Preferred Case Management Clients has been able to maintain our elder care clients in their homes. In home care is not the only service that ElderCare 4 Families performs. Rita has offered grocery shopping, and transportation, and other support services. In addition, they offer professional assessments from social service or registered nurses. I like the reliability of the services provided by ElderCare 4 Families. They have offered qualified personnel to meet the needs of our elder care clients. I find working with ElderCare allows me to focus on my case management duties, as I know that ElderCare 4 Families will send out qualified caring individuals to cover my client’s needs. – Georgia Pope, RN, BSN, Preferred Case Management

Caring: The one word I would use to describe your company, ElderCare 4 Families, is CARING! – Wendy F, Client’s daughter

I can only hope to be so lucky: Eldercare took care of both of my parents at the end of their lives. We had their employees in our home for 5 years. Not once did we have a bad experience with a caregiver. The level of care and the compassion and caring spirit of the owners, managers, and the wonderful caregivers was incredible. My parents were able to live out the rest of their lives in their own home because of ElderCare 4 Families. Kudos! I can only hope to be so lucky. – Bridget M, Clients’ daughter

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Shopping for Home Care?

What should you ask?

Private Caregivers vs Agency

Often private caregivers are found from a neighbor or friend or from another caregiver helping someone you know. They normally charge a much lower amount per hour which can be a big attraction. It’s important to understand where this savings comes from and the risk the family will bear by using their services. This savings can come from not paying payroll taxes as required by the state and federal government and by the private caregiver not carrying Worker’s Compensation and Liability Insurance coverage. When working with a private individual, the family will be responsible for a back up plan when that person is not available to work due to illness or time off. There isn’t an agency to call for a fill-in caregiver. Also, the family will be responsible for the supervision, monitoring and training of the private caregiver as the client’s needs change. Be sure to consider why a caregiver is choosing to work privately. It gives them the opportunity to re-negotiate with the family for more money at any time. We’ve heard stories of private caregivers sharing their personal problems with their clients and then asking for a raise or loan. Also, they may be trying to avoid payroll taxes by being paid directly. They could be avoiding a garnishment or collecting unemployment or disability payments while working for cash. Sometimes they avoid agencies due to problems with required screenings – background checks, registry checks and/or drug tests. Whatever the situation, there are great caregivers working privately and at agencies all over the country. The challenge for everyone is finding these great caregivers. We have lots of systems and procedures in place to hire the best! Whatever you decide, we hope you make an informed decision. It’s important when hiring a service to get the best value but you must be sure that it doesn’t come with huge risks. We hope that you find ElderCare 4 Families to be the best value to take care of your family member or loved one!


A History of Caring…..
Since 1981, ElderCare 4 Families has provided caring hearts and hands to individuals needing assistance with everyday living. We work closely with families in Kentucky and Southern Indiana by providing top notch care. With our help, it is possible for your loved ones to maintain independence and sleep in their own bed at home. We work closely with clients residing at home, in hospitals, rehab and nursing facilities, retirement and assisted living homes and hospices to provide professional and dependable caregivers, homemakers, companions, drivers and sitters…when and where they are needed. ElderCare 4 Families puts a lot of heart into your home. We are locally-owned and operated. Families choose ElderCare 4 Families because each client and their family are special to us. Everything we do shows we care. Become part of our home care family today by calling 502-244-8446 or 812-670-3500 for more information or to set up a complimentary in-home assessment.
What is Home Care….
ElderCare 4 Families helps people maintain a better quality of life by prolonging their independence with the proper care in their own homes. By personally training and providing only professional, ethical and dependable home health caregivers, we are certain our clients are receiving the highest quality solutions for the challenges they are experiencing. Services offered include assistance with: Personal Care – bathing, toileting, incontinence care Grooming -hair care, oral care, painting and filing nails Dressing – selection of clothing, assistance with dressing Mobility -assistance with walking, transfers, mobility devices including walkers and wheelchairs Exercising – following exercise plans, insuring safety Companionship – conversing, listening to life stories, playing mentally stimulating games and cards Meal Preparation – meal planning, cooking and preparing meals Feeding – encouraging, assisting Light Housekeeping – vacuuming, dusting, mopping, washing dishes, cleaning bathrooms, organizing, holiday decorating Laundry and Ironing – washing, drying, folding laundry – ironing as requested Medication reminders -gentle, regular reminders to take medication(s), cueing, assisting and documenting Escorts – social outings, church, doctor’s appointments, therapy, exercise classes Transportation – transporting in client or caregiver car Senior Advocacy Services – a myriad of services including developing a plan for individualized care Pet Care – walking, feeding, veterinarian trips, cleaning up after pets Safety and Security – monitoring and ensuring client safety Alzheimer’s Care – specialized care for clients with Alzheimer’s and Dementia Respite – care to allow family caregivers’ personal time or breaks Care is personalized to you or your loved one. We stress the importance of working as a team, treating all clients as if they were our own family and delivering premium customer services resulting in the highest client satisfaction.

Give us a call so we can share expert advice from a locally-owned and operated company with over 38 years of experience!


Compassionate Caregivers & CNAs wanted!

* Full-time & Part-Time Work Available * Bonuses, Benefits, Paid Time Off & Weekly Pay * Appreciation, Recognition & Evaluations * Rewarding Career CALL TODAY TO GET STARTED WITH THE BEST! MUST HAVE: * Clean Criminal Background * Reliable Transporation * Negative TB Test * Drug Free Screening * Great Communication Skills * Caring, Professional, Dependable & Punctual Work Ethic

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Why join ElderCare 4 Families?
ElderCare 4 Families has over 38 years of caring in Kentucky and Southern Indiana. We value our excellent and dedicated caregivers.  Some of our caregivers have over 30 years of experience with us. ElderCare 4 Families appreciates our caregivers with positive feedback, regular raises, ongoing training, bonuses, benefits and paid time off. Our caregivers become part of our family. Find a career and a purpose by being a caregiver for ElderCare 4 Families.
How do I obtain shifts?
ElderCare 4 Families is always offering caregivers ongoing and prn shifts that match client’s needs, personalities, availabilities and skill sets. Our goal is to have a good match from day one for both the client and caregiver. During business hours you may call our scheduling team to speak with them about available work.
Will I have a regular Monday through Friday schedule?
Many of our caregivers have regularly scheduled hours. We also offer flexibility. Since we are a home care agency, we can not always guarantee shifts. However, it is our primary goal to try and place all of our caregivers on cases that provide them with the hours that they want and need.
Does ElderCare 4 Families offer benefits?
We do offer benefits to those who qualify. ElderCare 4 Families offers paid time off, medical insurance, retirement plans with a paid company match, bonuses, training, regular evaluations, and appreciation.
Will I be working for ElderCare 4 Families or for the client?
Although your primary concern and duty is to the client, ElderCare 4 Families is your employer. You are to report any activities or concerns dealing with a client to the home office.