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Medicaid Nursing Homes

Facts about Medicaid Nursing Homes

Medicare only covers short stays at nursing facilities for rehabilitation after a qualified hospital stay. Often, our elderly will strop improving during a rehab stay and then medicare will stop paying for the stay in the facility. That person and/or their family will then be required to pay for care if they choose for the person to stay in the facility.

If you are faced with “Medicaid spend down” of the family member's assets, you need to obtain professional advice from an attorney or a person who is qualified to specialize in assisting people qualify for Medicaid.

If your family member already receives Medicaid and needs care that cannot be provided at home, you will need to find a facility that accepts Medicaid residents. Not all nursing homes or skilled nursing facilities (SNF) accept payment via Medicaid. Often times you will need to place the family member on a wait list for a Medicaid bed in a facility of your choosing that accepts Medicaid as payment. If that is the case, the resident and/or family will be required to privately (out-of-pocket) pay for their family member until a facility is secured.

It is often a challenge to find an acceptable facility that takes Medicaid payments for your loved one. You will want to visit the Medicare website to do a home search to find which facilities are available to your loved one and how they are rated in many categories. The website is:

Most families are then going to narrow down their choices based on location and personal visits/tours to the facilities.

The more you plan the more in control you will be . So:

1. Unless your loved one and/or the family has no problem paying privately (out-of-pocket), always verify the skilled nursing facility that they will be living in takes Medicaid payments.

2. Be prepared with a plan if it is at all possible that you loved one will stop improving from physical therapy so Medicare will stop paying

3. Look into Personal Care Agencies or other alternatives to nursing home care to see if that will better suit your loved one's needs.

4. Locate a suitable professional to help you navigate the Medicaid qualification process.

5. Call ElderCare 4 Families for help - 502-244-8446 or 812-670-3500.

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