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Managing Your Parent's Care


Managing Your Parent's Care

At some point in the life of your aging parent, you will need to consider stepping in and managing all things medical. When you do, you will want to track and manage appointments, manage medications, monitor changes in their health and attend and participate in all appointments and meetings. There will most likely be resistance, and if there is you will want to be sure you tread lightly and in a manner that makes the transition less painful. Don't speak with your parent in the manner that you would speak to a child. Truly listen and understand where they are coming from. Let them know you want them to be independent and happy and only want to help them stay that way.

An easy way to hand off to your parent's doctor some of those tough situations (such as giving up their driver's license) is to send a list of questions and addressble issues to the doctor prior to the appointment. Most aging parents respect their doctor and will take suggestions and directions better from him/her than from one of their own children. This also ensures that you won't forget anything you wanted to ask or anything you needed to have clarified or anything necessary to be discussed. When the doctor brings up things you can chime in easily!

Give your parent's doctor a copy of the health care proxy and the durable medical power of attorney. Give him/her a list of people allowed to access your parent's medical reccords. There will most likely be a consent form to fill out and sign. Pick ONE (1) liason – the doctor does not have the time to speak with more than one person to fill them in on updates. The liason can gather the info and pass it along to siblings.

Try to attend all appointments. If you can't and need to call the doctor's office after appointments, be sure you know the doctor's preferred form of communication. (email, phone call?) Be sure his/her office has a list of the ways you may be reached too, along with your preferred method of communication.

If you cannot be this hands on, consider hiring a Senior Advocate (some call this a Geriatric Care Manager) or a Personal Services Agency to assist you. They can handle attending appointments, taking notes, asking questions and overall serve as your “stand in” while reporting back to you. They can also update other authorized family members.

We can help you mange your parent's care. If you need information, referrals, care and/or management of your parent's care, call 244-8446. ElderCare 4 Families is here to serve you and your family!

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