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Cheering Up A Senior With Alzheimer's Disease

Cheering Up A Senior with Alzheimer's Disease

With short-term memories fading quickly coupled with confusion and fear, loved ones with Alzheimer's may need a little extra cheer in their lives. Since their long-term memories and life experiences are still fresh in their minds, they often love to reminisce. Research has shown that reminiscing with an elderly loved one is very beneficial. Reminiscing can restore their sense of self and can cheer them up. It is often nice to reconnect and relive their favorite memories. Through story telling, home videos or simply listening to the same story once again, enjoy the moment as they do.

Music is another way to cheer up a senior. Music is typically very positive for elderly especially those that have lost the ability to communicate. Using music can be soothing and calming. It can also be fun and allow them to get a little exercise dancing to some oldies but goodies.

Viewing photo albums or scrap books are also a great way to catch a few smiles. Keep it simple. Don't bother asking them if they know who someone is in the photo as this may just frustrated them. Simply enjoy the photos and conversation. Some families even have photos labeled so that their loved one knows who they are looking at in the picture.

Enjoying old hobbies from their adulthood or childhood often bring smiles and cheers to their lives. If they were a baker, they can help drop cookie dough on a tray. If they enjoyed pets, schedule a therapeutic dog visit. If crafts were their thing, perhaps water color canvas painting would be fun. Fisherman may still be able to fish with some help or they could just watch a fishing video. Regardless of what made them happy in the past, try to uncover something to give their life meaning and fun.

Some Alzheimer’s seniors simply love things to cuddle with whether it be a blanket, teddy bear or baby doll. They may enjoy holding a doll wrapped up like a baby. Many seniors love hugs, smiles and affection. Giving them the love, acceptance and compassion they need in there life is crucial to their overall happiness. Even if they don't recognize us anymore, they are still the same loving person that is just limited by their disease. They can't control many things but they can still feel love and affection.

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Comment by Julie Brown on December 27, 2015 - 07:15 PM


All great suggestions for caregivers of Alzheimer's patients.

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