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Family Caregiving Working More than 30 Hours Per Week on Caregiving

Family Caregivers Averaging More than

30 Hours Per Week on Caregiving

A new study from shows that about 33% of family caregivers spend more than 30 hours per week on caregiving. Medications, medical bills, and in-home care are also costing a third of the families more than $10,000. These expenses come as a shock to some families when they also realize Medicare does not pay for in-home care to assist with bathing, dressing, toileting, cleaning, meals, transportation and other every day needs.

Families need to have honest and frank conversations  with their loved ones to discuss wishes long before the need arises. Financial plans and budgets can be implemented early. Elder law advisors, trust officers and investment advisors are all sources of information and resources that families can tap into for preplanning for legal, financial and estate planning.

In the survey, many family caregivers are taking care of a parent, spouse or relative. These caregivers often also work full or part-time jobs. 60% of the family caregivers stated that caregiving has a negative impact on their job. It is hard to juggle a full-time or part-time job with loved one's doctor appointments and care needs. Families in the survey spent anywhere from less than $5000 a year to over $50,000 a year in out-of-pocket expenses.

We often see family members doing a great job of trying to care for a spouse or loved one while jeopardizing their own health. Some family members do not have a support staff to turn to for relief. While a family member may be able to manage the caregiving responsibility alone for a short time, it is not wise long term since we often see the caregiver become ill or worn down. Help is right around the corner with non-medical home care. Let us help lighten your load. We can also look for financial resources to assist in extending your care budget. If you or your loved one need in-home care, call ElderCare 4 Families today for a complimentary assessment at 502-244-8446.

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